Submit questions 1, 2, and 3 for mini-case 1 on page 220.
Submit questions 1, 2, and 3 for mini-case 3 on page 221.

Here is what I have combined so far - please let me know if you want to change something.
Travis - I just took your diagram and put it into visio
Thanks - Stags

Week 7

Pg 220 Case 1
Herford has a typical small town post office that sells stamps, rents post office boxes, and delivers mail to postal customers.

This is just a start, feel free to add/change and then I'll go ahead and create a case and class diagram. Also, do you think I should make the possible actors into models? -Ashley

1. Identify possible actors ans use cases involved in the post office functions.

  • Customer -> Buys stamps
  • Post office employee -> Sells stamps
  • Customer -> Rents New P.O. box
  • Post office -> Charges customer with P.O. box fee
  • Customer -> Pays P.O. fee
  • Post Office -> Receives mail
  • Post Office -> Delivers mail to postal customers
  • Customer -> Receives mail

Some of my thoughts
Possible Actors
Use Cases
Walk-in Customer
Purchase Stamps
Post Office Clerk
Make Payment
Mail Carrier
Retrieve Mail
Resident Customer
Collect Payment
Mail Room Employee
Deliver Mail to Residences
Rental Customer
Sort Mail to PO Boxes

Sell Stamps

Assign PO Box

My question is how detailed should this be? Do we need to combine these or is it better to keep it separate?
Oh, I was thinking that I we would pick one and then make the case diagram out of it, I guess youre right it's just one for the whole operation. I would assume it wouldn't need to be extremely detailed.
2. Create a use case diagram for the post office operation.
This is a use case description, not a use case diagram. Yes, I know I stated above that if anyone wanted to add I would make the diagram from it but I wasnt thinking we had to make a "bigger picture" diagram for the whole post office. Sorry!
Name: Customer Rents New P.O. Box
Actor: Customer/Post Office Employee
Description: Describes the process used when a customer rents a new P.O. box
Successful Completion:
      • Manager checks current P.O. box list for current availability
  1. Manager notifies customer
  2. P.O. box is open and customer pays fee
  3. Manager collects fee
  4. Manager provides customer with new P.O. box
      • Manager checks current P.O. box list for availability
  1. P.O. boxes are all full
  2. Manager notifies customer
Precondition: Customer requests new P.O. box
Postcondition: Customer has a new P.O. box and fees have been paid
Assumptions: None

3. Class diagram for the "Delivers mail to postal customers" use case
**MailDeliveryClassDiagram.vsd**- Spencer

Mini Case 3 Page 221 Questions 1( This is what I have so far. What do you think about the objects? Should we add more?- Travis Late
1. A couple of objects could include the following:
Student ID
Date of Birth

Add class
Drop class
Change address
Change telephone
Change status
Update GPA

Faculty Advisor
Advisor ID
Class ID

Teach class
Change availability
Change address
Change telephone
Add student to class
Change status

2. Identify possible use cases and actors. Here are a couple that could be used. Please add more as anyone sees fit. -Travis Late

I added a few cases to your list - Spencer
Possible Actors
Use Cases **
Registers for class
Drops class
confirm class add/drops
Adjusts students GPA
Assist students
Adds class
Recommend classes

3. Create a use case diagram that shows how students register. Here is what I came up with.-Travis Late